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I love playing music and teaching a lot. So much that I started this site and offer a slew of free content and lessons for anyone to use. While passion helps with creating content, I rely heavily on the donations from my subscribers to keep things going.

Donations really help me cover the base costs of running this site as well as help cover my day to day expenses which allow me more time to focus on content.

If you are in a position to donate and like this content, I’d really appreciate your support on a one time or recurring basis. Recurring donations definitely help more than one time, but whatever you can afford to donate is appreciated. If you sign up for recurring donations, I’ll provide a few extra materials just for you as a thank you 🙂

  • That feeling you get when you support content you use
  • Access to premium content
  • Bronze Plus
  • 1 custom lesson or breakdown post
  • 1 video exchange per month
  • one time 30 minute coaching session
  • Silver Plus
  • 2 video exchanges per month
  • One time 60 minute coaching session

What is Premium content?

Generally speaking, this is either content that I provide to only premium subscribers, content created based on a request from a premium subscriber, or content provided to premium subscribers early.

How is Premium Content delivered?

If the content was created specifically for premium subscribers, then it will be hosted separately on this page. Note that some content created based on requests from premium subscribers may be shared with everyone through weekly posts as well.

Is there a specific schedule for Premium Content?

In short, no. Premium content is added as I have time but there’s no guaranteed schedule for new content. While I try to add at least one piece of premium content per month, some months may have many premium posts, others may have none. That said, in any month that I don’t provide premium content, premium subscribers can request a free 20 minute minimum Zoom lesson by simply messaging me.

How do I cancel my recurring Donation?

Just message me here.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Managing refunds is too complicated with my provider once a donation is made. Sorry.

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