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How to Fix Mistakes Properly


Music, like all art, is a practice of continually mastering techniques to the best of your current abilities. I like this view because it implies two things. First, that there is a way to perfect any skill to enhance your playing. Second, it implies that perfection is fleeting and only tied to your current skill set. As you get better, you’ll find better ways to do things you thought you had down perfect. A fun story to help illustrate that this consistent search for true perfection exists at all levels of playing

Pablo Casals, an amazing cellists was in part famous for beginning every day by playing all six Bach unaccompanied cello suites. When someone asked “Why do you insist on playing all six suites each day?” he responded with “Because I think I’m getting better.”

There’s all types of quotes just like that. It’s humbling and inspiring all at the same time.

That said, when practicing you’ll make mistakes. Those mistakes must be eliminated – not just glazed over in hopes someone won’t notice. To do that, there’s a few ideas.

Remember, you’ll always make mistakes. When practicing at home, your goal is eliminate those. When playing live, your goal is to make mistakes that slip through your practicing sound intended – a skill for another lesson.

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