Lesson Information

I’ve been teaching almost as long as I’ve been playing. I focus on mandolin, guitar, and bass primarily for lessons though I can do some beginner classes for other instruments.

My lessons focus on a combination immediate gains as well as long term general musicianship techniques and skills through learning songs.  While I strongly encourage students to learn to read standard notation, it’s not a requirement.

I ask new students to pick 5 artists they want to play like and 5 songs they want to learn at varying degrees of difficulty (i.e. some that are easy and some that are harder and require more effort). Individual lessons are crafted around these artists and song choices to help the student develop their playing abilities and ultimately their own unique blend of style.

If you have any questions on lessons, feel free to reach out on the Contact Page

Lessons fees are typically

  • $70 / hour for in-home lessons (your place – depending on location may be more)
  • $60 / hour for in-studio lessons (my place)
  • $60 / hour for Online lessons (any place but good internet and video equipment is required – mainly I use Zoom for these)

Being someone that firmly believes music should be available for all, I am willing to work on a sliding scale for those that are cash strapped. Get in touch with me for more details.

Some Free Lessons

Charts and Lead Sheets (for current students only – password required)

6 Warm Up Exercises

Sample Practice Schedule 

Fretboard Maps