Mandolin Workshop

One of the perks of subscribing to my site is free stuff – including free mandolin workshops. I’m excited that this workshop on Saturday 11/5 at 1pm PT will be LIVE at the South State 48 Bluegrass festival in Carlsbad CA.

Playing to the Chords: How to Play Songs You Don’t Know

Have you ever gone to a jam and had someone call a tune you’ve never heard? This workshop is designed for that exact situation. In this workshop, I’ll cover:

  • How to practice correctly
  • Using Arpeggios to play to the chords
  • Using Pentatonic scales to expand your ideas
  • Creating a Bag of Riffs you can use
  • How to quickly analyze a song or tune on the fly

Ideally the workshop will run about an hour with about 45 – 50 minutes of instruction and then Q&A from attendees. If you have questions already, please let me know by posting in the comments of the registration form (it’ll help shape the workshop).

Pre-workshop Recommendations

For those planning to attend, I would recommend getting familiar with the below beforehand

Workshop charts will be emailed to attendees and are available once you register

Use the below form to register for the workshop. Once registered you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link for the workshop.

General Workshop Overview:

  • All online workshops will be recorded and available for download for a limited time on my site (link emailed after the fact).
  • In person workshops may be recorded if allowed by the venue.
  • Materials for workshops will generally be available at least 1 week before the actual workshop.
  • Each workshop runs about 60 minutes in length. About 45 – 50 minutes of instruction and then Q&A (please message me any questions you have in advance – it really helps)
  • If you have any questions on the topic, please note them in your registration – those really helps me target the best topics.
  • Donations are happily accepted. As much as I love teaching, love doesn’t always pay the bills, so any support helps (but especially the recurring monthly kind).

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