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Personal Coaching Sessions


One of my favorite things about playing music is teaching others – whether that’s workshops, long term coaching, or just one off lessons.  I’ve been teaching since about 1998 and have helped hundreds of students in their musical journey.

Since the pandemic, I’ve changed my teaching style to be more of a coach than simply an instructor.  This just means that instead of paying for just one session per week or so – my students get all the below:

If you’re not ready for a weekly lessons, I can also provide “drop in” lessons when I have availability in my schedule. 

Have to say, I really feel like something has been unlocked I’m the last two weeks, all around licks from double stops. The last mid week video you sent me with licks for More Pretty Girls in D is diamond stuff. I’m lifting the licks you demonstrate, and some you don’t as well 😂.

Jamie M (~8 months playing)

Personal coaching Plans

For Zoom lessons, you’ll need:

Being someone that firmly believes music should be available for all, I also provide a slew of free lessons on this site that are available to anyone.  Also, if you’d like to take a lesson but can’t afford my rate, I am willing to work on a sliding scale for those that are cash strapped. Just contact me and let me know – we’ll see if we can work something out.  

Oh, and feel free to subscribe to my site below to get for free mandolin lessons and song breakdowns emailed to you!

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