Scale Studies

Learning the various scales involved in music is essential to become a better musician. In addition to improving your ability to play melodies and create fun solos, learning scales can help you learn where notes are on the fretboard – which can be a huge help for playing chords and other rhythmic styles too.

The below charts show the basic major scale in 2 octaves in both “open” and “closed” positions when possible. For keys like C# which have no open notes, I included a “first” and “second” position for each instead. These are designed to be reference materials and potentially “quick studies” for warmups and getting ready for playing.

I’ve included some fingering notes on these exercises. While using these suggestions can be helpful, they are simply suggestions. There are many, many different ways to play these exercises and I encourage you to find other variations that are easier or harder than what I have laid out here. You can use this blank chart to help write out your own variations.

One note: there are a LOT of scales that are worth studying. While I’ve added a lot, there’s so many more scales to go. I’m working on adding more scales and practices everyday, so keep checking back for updates. Also, as I find better ways to showcase the scales and etc, I will update existing charts as I can – so even if you’ve reviewed a specific chart here before, check it again as I may have updated it!

For more in depth studies that highlight more variations and other scales (including minors, harmonic minors, and etc), contact me for a lesson.

Major Scales

Major Pentatonic Scales (1 2 3 5 6)

Minor Pentatonic Scales (1 3b 4 5 7b)

Arpeggio Exercises

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