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I generally try to add new song breakdowns and lessons about once a week. Generally I post a theory or lesson concept on Mondays and a song breakdown on Thursdays.

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Mandolin technique study: Strumming Patterns

Today’s mandolin technique study focuses on Strumming Patterns. We’ll cover a few main types of patterns that you can use in your playing. I’ll use the Big G Chop in my examples. If you are not familiar with that chord, check out my Mandolin Chord Shape Studies and Mandolin Chord Library. Getting Started In this […]

Mandolin Sheet Music and Song Breakdown: I Saw the Light

This week’s Mandolin Sheet Music and Song Breakdown focuses on the standard I Saw the Light. For many new bluegrass and folk players, this will probably one of (if not the) first songs you’ll learn. It’s a pretty straight forward gospel tune with a basic melody – so nothing too complex at first. The idea […]

Mandolin Chord Shapes Series: Enharmonic Chords

Today I’m diving back into my Mandolin Chord Shapes Series with a slight twist. The goal of this lesson is to help you use chord shapes you likely already know to play more complex songs. I use these enharmonic chords a lot when playing jazz tunes. Check out some of the song breakdowns I’ve done […]

Mandolin Sheet Music and Song Breakdown Big Sciota

There was a time where I heard this tune called at every jam in San Diego without fail. I only realized I hadn’t heard it at jam for a while when I moved up to Seattle and started hearing it again. Today’s Mandolin Sheet Music and song breakdown focuses on Big Sciota (aka Big Scioty). […]


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