Bluegrass Jam – Chord Charts and Lyrics

Below chord charts are for those of you attending any of the Bluegrass Jam’s I run. The Vocal Tunes are on top and the Fiddle Tunes are on the bottom.  If a tune can be either a vocal tune or a fiddle tune, you’ll see it listed in both sections (like Whiskey Before Breakfast). Some songs are commonly played in a couple of keys – when that’s the case, I will try to add charts for the alternate keys and note the original key when possible.  You are always welcome to use sheet music at the jams I run if you need.

At each jam I’ll announce at least 2 Featured Songs – at least one vocal tune and one fiddle tune. I’ll post the charts for these tunes in the Featured Songs section as quickly as I can after the jam.  The purpose of the Feature Songs is to play songs not common at normal jams in order to create a more diverse jam longer term.  Accordingly, these songs could be “Jam Busters” in normal contexts and some folks may want or have to sit out.  That’s totally fine.  However, my goal is that everyone takes the time to learn the tunes in advance and play to the best of your abilities.  Only by pushing the normal limits can we all grow as musicians and as a jam community!  Bonus points for working on harmonies in advance with other jammers!

If I’m missing a song you love and/or would like to have a chart for, please let me know.  Also, if you are new to bluegrass jams, check out the Jam Etiquette page.

Featured Songs

1/25/2021 – Southern Flavor (Fiddle Tune) 

1/25/2021 – Goodbye Old Pal (Vocal Tune)

Vocal Tunes

  1. Angel Band in A
  2. Angel Band in B
  3. Angeline The Baker in D
  4. Big River in A
  5. Big Spike Hammer in G
  6. Blue Night in A
  7. Blue Ridge Cabin Home in A
  8. Blue Ridge Cabin Home in G
  9. Bound to Ride in C
  10. Bury me beneath the willows in G
  11. Church Street Blues in Eb (standard Tony Rice key)
  12. Church Street Blues in E
  13. Cluck Old Hen in A (for sheet music see Cluck Old Hen Fiddle and Mandolin)
  14. Dark Hollow in A
  15. Deep Elem Blues in C
  16. Don’t Your Let Your Deal Go Down in A
  17. Do Re Mi in E
  18. Down Along the Dixie Line in A
  19. Fall on my Knees in A
  20. Foggy Mountain Top in A
  21. Fox on the Run in B
  22. Fox on the Run in G
  23. Freeborn Man in A
  24. Freight Train in E
  25. Get Back on the Train in F
  26. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad in A
  27. Good Woman’s Love
  28. Goodbye Old Pal in D
  29. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane in G
  30. Highway 40 Blues
  31. Hobo Song in A
  32. How Mountain Girls Can Love in A
  33. If It Hadn’t Been For Love in Am
  34. I Saw the Light in G
  35. I Saw the Light in A
  36. I’ll Fly Away in G
  37. I’ll go Stepping Too in G
  38. I’ll Go Stepping Too in Bb (original Flatts / Scruggs key)
  39. Ida Red in A
  40. If I Should Wander Back Tonight in E
  41. In the Gravel yard
  42. Kentucky Girl in G
  43. Lonesome Road Blues in G (Bill Monroe)
  44. Lonesome Pine in A
  45. Long Gone in A
  46. Look Down That Lonesome Road in E
  47. Midnight Moonlight in A
  48. My Little Girl from Tennessee in G
  49. My Little Georgia Rose in C
  50. Nellie Kane in E
  51. Nine Pound Hammer in A (Tony Rice version)
  52. Nine Pound Hammer in G
  53. Old Home Place in A
  54. Old Slew Foot in A
  55. Pass the Booze in G
  56. Rabbit in a Log in G
  57. Rain and Snow in F
  58. Red Clay Halo in E
  59. Rocky Top in G
  60. Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms in G
  61. Rosalee McFall in E
  62. Rye Whiskey in D
  63. Salty Dog Blues in G (clean)
  64. Shady Grove in Dm
  65. Sophronie in C
  66. Steam Powered Aereoplane in G
  67. Take me Back to Tulsa in G
  68. That’s the Way that it Goes in Em
  69. That’s what I Like About the South in F
  70. Time Changes Everything in F
  71. Wayside in G
  72. When I Paint My Masterpiece in A
  73. Whiskey in the Jar in C (a la Pizza Tapes)
  74. White Freight Liner in C
  75. Will the Circle be Unbroken in G
  76. Working on a Building in A
  77. Worried Man Blues in G
  78. Whiskey Before Breakfast in D – Chords and Lyrics

Fiddle Tunes

  1. Big Mon – Mandolin and Fiddle
  2. Blackberry Blossom – Mandolin and Fiddle
  3. Blackberry Blossom – Banjo
  4. Blackberry Blossom – Guitar
  5. Cluck Old Hen – Mandolin and Fiddle
  6. The Eighth of January – Mandolin and Fiddle
  7. Old Joe Clark in A – Mandolin and Fiddle
  8. Salt Creek – Mandolin and Fiddle
  9. Gold Rush – Mandolin and Fiddle
  10. Red Haired Boy – Mandolin and Fiddle
  11. Southern Flavor – Mandolin and Fiddle
  12. Southern Flavor – Guitar
  13. Southern Flavor – Mandolin two variations 
  14. Turkey in the Straw – Mandolin and Fiddle
  15. Turkey in the Straw – Guitar
  16. Whiskey Before Breakfast – Mandolin and Fiddle