Bluegrass Jam Chord Charts and Lyrics

MattCBruno - Huck Finn Jam - Photo: Robin Frenette
Huck Finn Bluegrass Festival Late Night jaming

Below are Bluegrass jam chord charts and lyrics for popular (and not so popular) songs and fiddle tunes.  Some of these are a little more common than others.  Fair warning, there are a few potential “jam busters” on this list, so use your judgement on tunes you call.  Also, check out my Weekly Mandolin Sheet Music and Song Breakdown posts for detailed notes on many of these tunes.  You can subscribe for notifications of new breakdowns at the bottom of the page too!

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If I’m missing a song you love and/or would like to have a chart for, please let me know.  Also, if you are new to bluegrass jams, check out the Jam Etiquette page.

Bluegrass Jam Charts for Vocal Tunes

  1. 2020 Vision
  2. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone in G
    1. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone in Bb
  3. All Good Times Are Passed and Gone in G
  4. Angel Band in A
    1. Angel Band in B
  5. Angeline The Baker in D (for sheet music see  Angeline the Baker – Mandolin and Fiddle)
  6. Ashes of Love in G
  7. Atlantic City in A
  8. Back in Baltimore in A
  9. Beautiful Brown Eyes
  10. Big Ball’s in Cowtown
  11. Big River in A
  12. Big Sciota (lyrics)
  13. Big Spike Hammer in G
  14. Black Jack County Chains in Fm
    1. Black Jack County Chains in Em
  15. Blue Moon of Kentucky in C
  16. Blue Night in A
  17. Blue Ridge Cabin Home in A
    1. Blue Ridge Cabin Home in G
  18. Bound to Ride in C
  19. Breakmans Blues
  20. Bubbles in my Beer
  21. Bury me beneath the willows in G
  22. California 
  23. Can you Run
  24. Church Street Blues in Eb (standard Tony Rice key)
    1. Church Street Blues in E
  25. Cigarettes and Whiskey
  26. Cold Heart
  27. Cluck Old Hen in A (for sheet music see Cluck Old Hen Fiddle and Mandolin)
  28. Columbus Stockage Blues in G
    1. Columbus Stockage Blues in Am
  29. Counting Flowers on the Wall
  30. Corrine Corrine
  31. Cry, Cry Darlin in Ab
    1. Cry, Cry Darlin in A
  32. Dark Hollow in A
  33. Deep Elem Blues in C
  34. Doin’ My Time in B
  35. Don’t This Road Look Rough and Rocky in G
  36. Don’t Laugh in G
  37. Don’t Your Let Your Deal Go Down in A
  38. Do Re Mi in E
  39. Down Along the Dixie Line in A
  40. Drinkin Dark Whiskey
  41. Fall on my Knees in A
  42. Foggy Mountain Top in A
  43. Folsom Prison 
  44. Footprints in the Snow in C
  45. Fox on the Run in B
    1. Fox on the Run in G
  46. Freeborn Man in A
  47. Freight Train in E
  48. Get Back on the Train in F
  49. Get Up Jake
  50. Girl at the Crossroads Bar in E
  51. Girl I Left Behind Me in G
    1. Girl I Left Behind Me Nashville Numbering
    2. Girl I Left Behind Me Bob Wills verses
  52. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad in A
  53. Good Woman’s Love
  54. Goodbye Old Pal in D
    1. Goodbye Old Pal Nashville Numbering
  55. Goodbye Liza Jane
  56. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane in G
  57. Hey Good Looking
  58. Hello City Limits
  59. Highway 40 Blues
  60. Hold what you got
  61. Hometown Blues in B
    1. Hometown Blues in G
  62. Hobo Song in A
  63. Hold On
  64. Homerun Man in B
  65. How Mountain Girls Can Love in A
  66. If It Hadn’t Been For Love in Am
  67. I Ain’t Got No Home
  68. I Know Your Rider
  69. I Saw the Light in G
    1. I Saw the Light in A
  70. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  71. I’ll Fly Away in G
  72. I’ll Go Stepping Too in Bb (original Flatts / Scruggs key)
    1. I’ll Go Stepping Too in G
  73. I’ll Stay Around in B
  74. Ida Red in A
  75. If I Should Wander Back Tonight in E
  76. If It Hadn’t Have Been For Love
  77. In the Gravel yard
  78. In Spite Of Ourselves
  79. It’s All Your Fault in Eb
    1. It’s All Your Fault in C
  80. It’s Only a Paper Moon in C
  81. I’ve Just Seen A Face
  82. Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier in Bm
    1. Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier in Am
  83. Jolene
  84. Jingle Bell Rock in C
    1. Jingle Bell Rock in D
  85. Kentucky Girl in G
  86. Kentucky Waltz in C
    1. Kentucky Waltz in D
  87. Little Liza Jane in A
  88. Little Maggie in B
  89. Little Cabin Home On the Hill in A
  90. Lonesome Road Blues in G (Bill Monroe)
  91. Lonesome Pine in A
  92. Long Black Veil in G
  93. Long Gone in A
  94. Long Journey Home in G
  95. Look Down That Lonesome Road in E
  96. Losing You in G
  97. Make Me Down a Pallet On Your Floor in C
  98. Mama Tried
  99. Man of Constant Sorrow
  100. Mean Mother Blues in F
  101. Midnight Blues
  102. Midnight Moonlight in A
  103. Miner’s Prayer
  104. Miss Molly
  105. Molly & Tenbrooks
  106. Mountain Dew in G
  107. My Cabin in Caroline in G
  108. My Dear Old Southern Home in E
  109. My Little Girl from Tennessee in G
  110. My Little Georgia Rose in C
  111. My Walkin’ Shoes Don’t Fit Me Anymore in C
  112. Nellie Kane in E
  113. Never Meant to Be in E
  114. New River Train in C
  115. Nine Pound Hammer in A (Tony Rice version)
    1. Nine Pound Hammer in G
  116. Oceans of Diamonds in F
  117. Old Home Place in A
  118. Old Slew Foot in A
  119. On the Road Again
  120. On and On
  121. Pass the Booze in G
  122. Please Don’t Wake Me
  123. Poor Heart in G
  124. Poncho and Lefty
  125. Rabbit in a Log in G
  126. Rain and Snow in F
  127. Red Clay Halo in E
  128. Rocky Top in G
  129. Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms in G 
  130. Roly Poly
  131. Rosalee McFall in E
  132. Russian Lullaby 
  133. Rye Whiskey in D
  134. Rye Whiskey ala Punch Brothers
  135. Salty Dog Blues in G (clean)
    1. Salty Dog Blues in G (dirty)
  136. Shady Grove in Dm
  137. Sleep with One Eye Open
  138. Sophronie in C
  139. Spanish Pipedream in G
  140. Spanish Two Step
  141. Steam Powered Aereo Plane in G
  142. Stay All Night
  143. Take me Back to Tulsa in G
  144. Takes one to know One
  145. Tear My Still House Down
  146. Teardrops in My Eyes
  147. Tennessee Stud
  148. That’s the Way that it Goes in Em
  149. That’s what I Like About the South in F
  150. There’s More Pretty Girls Than One in C
  151. There Is a Time
  152. This Train is Bound For Glory
  153. Time Changes Everything in F
  154. Uncle Pen
  155. Up on the Hill Where They Do Do The Boogie
  156. Wayside in G
  157. Way Downtown in D
  158. When I Paint My Masterpiece in A
  159. Whiskey in the Jar in C (a la Pizza Tapes)
  160. White Freight Liner in C
  161. Will the Circle be Unbroken in G
  162. Walk on Boy Am
    1. Walk on Boy Dm
  163. Who’s that Knocking On My Door
  164. Working on a Building in A
  165. Worried Man Blues in G
  166. Whiskey Before Breakfast in D – Chords & Lyrics (for the sheet music Fiddle Tune click here)
  167. Y’all Come in G
  168. You Are My Sunshine
  169. You Don’t Know My Mind
  170. Your Running Wild

Bluegrass Jam Charts for Fiddle Tunes

  1. Angeline the Baker
  2. Big Mon
  3. Big Sciota
  4. Bile Down them Cabbage
  5. Bill Cheatham
  6. Billy in the Lowground
  7. Blackberry Blossom
  8. Brown County Breakdown
  9. Cripple Creek
  10. Cherokee Shuffle
  11. Clinch Mountain Backstep
  12. Chinquapin Hunting Bluegrass Version
  13. Cluck Old Hen
  14. The Eighth of January
  15. Gold Rush
  16. Goodbye Liza Jane
  17. The High Road
  18. Jerusalem Ridge
  19. June Apple
  20. Old Joe Clark
  21. Red Haired Boy
  22. Red Wing
  23. Salt Creek
  24. Saint Anne’s Reel
  25. Soldier’s Joy
  26. Southern Flavor
  27. Temperance Reel
  28. Whiskey Before Breakfast

Did I miss your favorite tune? If so, please let me know!!

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