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annika & james _ married_4848332179212872489494..jpgMatt Bruno is a talented mandolin player and multi-instrumentalist based in San Diego, CA. Matt picked up the guitar at the age of 16 and hasn’t stopped playing since.  After years of playing lead guitar, Matt started playing electric bass when he was 19 for his college band Rooted Philosophy.  But when he turned 21, he got his first mandolin and has not been able to put it down since.  While he still plays guitar and bass, mandolin and mandolin related instruments (including mandocello, octave mandolin, 5 string electric mandolin and etc) are clearly his favorite.

As a solo performer, Matt often plays sets with a combination of pure acoustic instrumentation and vocals as well as various effect pedals to create interesting and layered songs. His imaginative playing style and frequent experimentations with various genres help ensure Matt’s shows are entertaining for the whole crowd.

As a member of several bands, Matt has an ability to easily sync with the group and provide a unique perspective on tunes. His adaptability is one of the reasons Matt is found frequently playing around San Diego with various bands either as a full time member or a part time add on.

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