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I generally try to add new song breakdowns and lessons about once a week. Generally I post a theory or lesson concept on Mondays and a song breakdown on Thursdays.

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Rhythm Changes for Mandolin

Rhythm Changes is (are?) a really popular chord progression referring to the I7 VI7 | ii7 V7 progression derived from George Gershwin’s song “I Got Rhythm”. This is a really popular progression in a variety of styles and has a lot of cool variations to explore. If you want to play jazz, this is a […]

Mandolin Sheet Music: Song Breakdown Bill Cheatham

I thought I’d take a slightly different route with this weeks song breakdown and use it to answer a question I get a lot – “how do I practice“? Honestly, that exact question isn’t really what I get asked but it’s the heart of most of the “how do I get better at X” questions. […]

Mandolin Chord Shapes: Half Diminished Chords

Learning mandolin chord shapes can seem tricky but an easy start is to focus on some of the basic chord shapes. In this series, I’m going to cover various chord shapes of a particular type. In today’s review we’ll continue our look at the Diminished chords with Half Diminished chords. What is a Half Diminished? […]

Mandolin Sheet Music: Chinquapin Hunting Bluegrass

I heard this tune for the first time around 2015, then didn’t hear it again until maybe a month ago. I forgot how much fun this tune is and it’s a shame how under called it is at jams – so today I’m going to cover Chinquapin (pronounced Chick A Pin) Hunting. In case you’re […]


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