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I generally try to add new song breakdowns and lessons about once a week. Generally I post a theory or lesson concept on Mondays and a song breakdown on Thursdays.

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Chord Shapes: Minor Shapes

Hey all!

This is the second in a series of posts on various chord shapes. Here will be diving into Minor chords. These chord shapes are movable – meaning you can move them around the fretboard pretty easily.

Each shape includes a diagram with the note function for each string. Memorizing the note functions in each chord shape can make things really helpful down the road. So definitely focus on that!

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Happy Picking!

Matt Bruno

Song Breakdown: Salt Creek

Salt Creek is a good ol’ standard tune. I think I’ve played this tune at nearly every jam or festival I’ve ever attended. It’s truly a standard to get down and generally a pretty fun tune even for a big jam. Here’s a basic chart for this breakdown. I included the alternate chords as well […]

Chord Shapes: Major Shapes

Learning chord shapes can seem tricky but an easy start is to focus on some of the basic chord shapes. In this series, I’m going to cover various chord shapes of a particular type. In today’s review, we’ll look at the basic Major triad. I mostly grouped these by which string the Root is on […]

Song Breakdown: Billy in the Lowground

Goats. They get stuck sometimes in high mountain tops – but this Billy, well he got stuck in the lowground. Anyway, bad jokes aside, Billy in the Lowground is a great fiddle tune that I love to play. As with most fiddle tunes, there’s no “standard” that everyone agrees on. Personally, I treat the Tony […]


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