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I generally try to add new song breakdowns and lessons about once a week. Generally I post a theory or lesson concept on Mondays and a song breakdown on Thursdays.

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Lastest Posts

Mandolin Chord Shapes: Diminished 7th

Advertisements In today’s Mandolin Chord Shapes series we’ll continue our look at the Diminished chords with Diminished 7th chords (I sometimes refer to as “fully diminished” which I don’t believe is “technically” correct – but it makes sense to me). What is a Diminished 7th Chord? Diminished 7th chords are the 1 b3, b5 and […]

Mandolin Sheet Music Song Breakdown: Old Joe Clark

Advertisements Today’s mandolin sheet music song breakdown covers the standard fiddle tune, Old Joe Clark. The simple melody and chord progression make this great tune for beginners and more advanced players alike. Today I’ll be focusing more on the basics of this song and providing a few different melody options. In a future post, I’ll […]

Free Online Mandolin Workshop

Advertisements I’m going to be hosting a few Online Workshops in the near future (likely the first one will be on 8/27 or 8/28). These will be free workshops open to all, so feel free to invite anyone 😉 I’ll be recording the workshops and posting them online for a limited time for free to […]

Rhythm Changes for Mandolin

Advertisements Rhythm Changes is (are?) a really popular chord progression referring to the I7 VI7 | ii7 V7 progression derived from George Gershwin’s song “I Got Rhythm”. This is a really popular progression in a variety of styles and has a lot of cool variations to explore. If you want to play jazz, this is […]


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