Setting Up Zoom for Lessons

Zoom is a great tool for music lessons, but requires a few updates to make sure things work well for the lessons. Please make sure you make the below updates prior to your Zoom session. If you’d like to see a video of this that has some more details, here’s one.

  1. Open Zoom
  2. Open Settings
    1. Turn off / uncheck “Automatically adjust microphone volume”
    2. Once it’s off, update the Input Level to 75% – 100% depending on your microphone setup
    3. Suppress background noise as “Low”
  3. In Settings, select “Show in-meeting option to enable ‘Original Sound'”
    1. Turn ON High Fidelity music mode
    2. Turn OFF echo cancellation
    3. Turn OFF stereo mode (optional)
    4. Turn ON Original Sound (this will be in Zoom window, not the settings)
  4. Click “Advanced options”
    1. Signal Processing by audio device drivers should be Auto (optional)
    2. Echo Cancellation should be Auto