Free Online Mandolin Workshop

I’m going to be hosting a few Online Workshops in the near future (likely the first one will be on 8/27 or 8/28). These will be free workshops open to all, so feel free to invite anyone 😉 I’ll be recording the workshops and posting them online for a limited time for free to anyone subscribed to my site.

Before I launch the workshops, I need your help in selecting the best topics. Below are a few topics I’m thinking about. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know which workshops you’d be most interested in attending.

Basic Technique Review – Mostly for beginners but a good review for anyone. This workshop would cover topics including

  • How to hold a pick
  • Eliminating pain in hands
  • Proper pressure
  • Picking Direction

All About Double Stops – overview of what Double Stops are and why they are amazing includes topics like

  • Basic double stop positions
  • Playing a song with only double stops
  • Using Double Stops to spice up your soloing and rhythm playing

Beginning / Intermediate Soloing – covers the most commonly asked questions I get including

  • How do I create my own bag of tricks
  • What scales do I need to practice (trick question!)
  • How do I create “near melody” solo

How to Practice – one of my favorite workshops as it’s one of the rarer topics I see in the wild. There’s a big difference in “playing” and “practicing” – understanding the difference is a key to getting better. This covers

  • Creating long & medium term goals
  • Identifying areas of weakness
  • Creating your own exercises to target those areas

Something else all together – If none of these sound interesting, please use the contact page to let me know what does sound interesting.

You can vote below for any workshop you’d like. Vote for multiple different workshops if you’d like to see a few of them – but please only vote once per workshop topic 🙂 Thanks!

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  1. Duh, yes to all!
    Sorry, I never was much help. Seriously, all your topics are excellent. Tops on my list might be how to practice, etc.

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